Mt Wellington, Maungarei, Auckland, NZ photographed by Michael Smith Photography

Michael Smith Photography Ltd

Mt Wellington (Maungarei), Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 09 526 0101 / Mob: 0212 444 555

Photographs of Architecture,Theatre, Dance, Events, Landscape, Pasifika, Commercial, Portraits, Graduation, Business.


Refund / Replacement Policy

Should we have supplied the wrong print or file, or there is damage to the print or file, then we will provide a replacement. It is your responsibility to return the original print to us along with a brief note of explanation and your contact details. In the case of files, the incorrect or faulty file must be returned to us with an explanation of the problem.
You must make any claims within 7 days of receipt of the original prints or files.
If, for whatever reason, we are unable to provide a replacement print then a refund of the purchase price will be made.