Mt Wellington, Maungarei, Auckland, NZ photographed by Michael Smith Photography

Michael Smith Photography Ltd

Mt Wellington (Maungarei), Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 09 526 0101 / Mob: 0212 444 555

Photographs of Architecture,Theatre, Dance, Events, Landscape, Pasifika, Commercial, Portraits, Graduation, Business.



Downloading Commercial Files Sent FTP

1. If your finished photo files were sent via an FTP site, you will have got an email giving you a link to those files. The files for transfer are held on a site called

2. Unless there are only one or two files, please use the link on the site that downloads the whole folder, it is much quicker for you.

3. You may download multiple times or even forward the link to someone else (e.g. your designer) so they can download too. The files stay online for several weeks.


To Download Pre-Paid or Free Photos

1. Find any image you wish to download and left click on it.

2. On the large popup image you will see a green 'Download Sample' arrow in the menu bar just above the symbol

3. Click on the green arrow and follow the instructions on your computer about where to save the file (it should default to your 'Downloads' folder)

4. Your download image will be free of all watermarks and be suitable for up to an A4 enlargement. If there are copyright marks showing you haven't downloaded correctly - please try again (don't use 'right-click').

5. The filename will begin with 'sample'; this is done to bypass the checkout section of the site.


Why can't I just right click on the photo like some other photographers allow?

1. The download images are high resolution 300dpi files. Images displayed on any webpage are only 72dpi low resolution and that's all a right click download will get you.

2. We don't offer low quality downloads.