Mt Wellington, Maungarei, Auckland, NZ photographed by Michael Smith Photography

Michael Smith Photography Ltd

Mt Wellington (Maungarei), Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 09 526 0101 / Mob: 0212 444 555

Photographs of Architecture,Theatre, Dance, Events, Landscape, Pasifika, Commercial, Portraits, Graduation, Business.


Pricing Commercial

Commercially three options are offered.

1. Hourly Rate:
This rate is charged for shooting time only, but built into it is the post processing work necessary for the job. Typically after a shoot the photos have to be downloaded, file named, loaded into a program such as Lightroom for adjustment to colour, exposure, cropping etc. They are then output and uploaded to the web for you to view and select from (or you may do so in front of the large screen at our studio). Final choices are given full adjustments in Photoshop and output as large files (or whatever size you require), loaded to an FTP site for you our your designer / printer to download and use.
Post shoot processing can typically take two to three additional hours for every hour's shooting.

2. Fixed Quote:
If you can clearly describe the job, what you want shot, what you want to end up with in terms of prints or files, then we are happy to give a fixed quote. This can be good if you are on a tight budget and for many jobs it works very well. Difficulties can arise if you want a particular effect in say, tethered shooting, and there is insufficient time to allow the full range of variations you may want to look at.
Generally quotes work well for straightforward jobs that run to a precise time schedule.

3. Free Downloads:
An upfront fee is paid for the job and all participants have free access to unlimited high resolution downloads (300dpi)from the website. This is especially useful for company milestones or product launches where the company wants to be seen as generous and rewarding to its staff and customers for a relatively small fee. It also suits performing arts where the organiser wants participants to be able to access their photos after the event. It has even been used for events such as the Cambridge Examination Awards so that qualifying schools and students have their own record of the event. Needless to say it also promotes any product associated with the event. Best of all, it requires no work from the organisers (such as requests for photos) - once they have the web address everyone is free to do their own downloads.

Extra Photo Manipulation
Extra manipulation of photographs, such as clear cutting, is always charged as additional time. Any such special work should be clearly indicated in your job specifications to us as it can influence how the shoot is done.